Wellness Programs

To stay ahead of the curve with your pet’s health and to help avoid serious health problems later in your pet’s life, we recommend annual check-ups that include an exam and blood work in addition to providing your pet with consistent preventative care.

During a physical exam, our veterinarian will perform a complete wellness examination of your pet, checking your pet's teeth and oral cavity, examining the joints and muscles, heart and lungs. We’ll check everything from nose to tail and in between. Wellness blood panels are recommended for young pets, and senior profiles are suggested for pets 7 years and older. A urinalysis also may be recommended for your pet at certain ages, or if they fit certain risk categories.

We understand that every pet is different, and each requires a different veterinary healthcare management plan. As pets age, their health care needs change considerably. Puppies and kittens require different medical procedures and tests than an adult dog or cat, or one in his or her senior years. At your pet’s visit, we will explain potential health issues that your pet may face depending on the species, breed, the pet’s stage of life, current health condition, environmental conditions, habitat, and so forth. Based on these factors, we will develop a vaccine schedule for your pet’s individual needs, and we will develop preventive protocols for your pet regarding the best ways to control fleas and ticks in your house, your yard, and on your pet.

Whether you have a brand new puppy or kitten or a beloved senior pet, Oak Tree Animal Clinic provides wellness care to pets of every age. Our service area includes Lewisburg, Olive Branch, Nesbit, Hernando, Southaven and everywhere in between.